Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hello world!!! suddenly feel like blogging again... i am in love with a crazy woman.
Ask me who i will say is her.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm back again!

Wooh. Finally blogging again after so long.. Uni life's really busy with so many events and so much stuffs to study.. Living in hall is really an experience cos' there's like so many fun ppl and fun events like hall ball, meeting for meals, games, (including sleeping in wee hours) etc etc etc..

Seriously need to manage time properly man.
1. Family(i want more time with family! now is like only 1week see them 2days only!)
2. Studies(hmwk + revision)
3. SYCO(concert faster end!)
4. Changkat CC(i want to retire~ yet, i noe i'll miss the ppl there damn lots)
4. Hall events/(committee? i need to join something to be able to stay in hall next yr, but now already so busy! ><)
6. NTUCO(another new one to the list)
7. Dizi grading(should i take? do i have time to prac?)
8. Dizi individual lesson(should i take up the tempting tuition scheme?)
9. Teaching dizi lesson n tuition(coping okay so far)

okay 走一步看一步..1.30am >< gotta slp le.. guess it'll be long till the next post! till then!


Friday, July 31, 2009

BMT Apache Section 1 outing.

This is rare! haha.. Had an dinner outing yesterday with army bmt section mates: buddy Zong yi, dekai and jason, at Marina Square.. All reached late except me.. -.- so i went shop for SP gift at City Link.. had a hard time deciding wad to buy though..

After near 1hr of walking arnd then they finally arrived.. Went Wang Jiao HK cafe to eat.. food was okok.. and the riduculous thing is when dk asked for plain water, the waitress actually said it's 20cents, and 40cents for cold one! (isn't it supposed to be foc for restaurants?) haha..

After finishing dinner and catching up with each other, we went to Esplanade rooftop to twang and do more catching up.. Parted arnd 11plus.. hope to have another outing soon, probably with more ppl next time!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Final gig perf + Perf at SSA

Casper, QS n I ended our 3rd and final gig perf of the Singapore HeritageFest 09 at the Northpoint yesterday and it was quite good(although not as good as the one at Suntec), and thanks to CT for helping us with phototaking!

After the gig, QS drove us over to Singapore Soka Association to help out with an event performance.. I must say the sound engineer, stage crew and the in-charge are very committed and they did a better job than all those for the gigs.. Haha.. I think it's better not to compare so much.. 人比人气死人. =P Was impressed with the motivational talk by the patient who miraculously recovered from colon cancer and by the violinist who had a very high standard.

qUoTE of tHE DAY: 我们不一定会因为赚很多钱而富有,但我们可以因付出的善念而使心中富有. -jon

Friday, July 24, 2009

2nd gig performance.

Casper, QS n me had our 2nd gig performance at Suntec atrium.. Today's perf was better than the previous one at Centrepoint, having a better DJ and a better stage.. We even had some students from NYP who interviewed us as part of their project.. It's kinda funny being interviewed with a voice recorder, as if being interviewed by news reporter.. haha!

After performance, the 3 of us tgt with QS's soka fren went for lunch at Botak Jones cos got voucher from NDP preview.. haha super shiok! And after lunch since we were quite free and Casper can't go home yet, we went play L4D at bugis.. althought it's my 2nd time playing, it's way more cool this time round with the mic and earphones! We can like communicate n enhance teamwork... n talk cock of cos! haha.. hope i dun get addicted to it. :D


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tamade. Suay.

I'm going nuts! Freakin suay day..

Morning walked to bus stop waiting for bus.. End up realised i forgot bring my phone with me(2nd time in the week!). Walked back home, thankfully halfway saw my mum running towards my direction with my phone! super touched! Thx mum! haha.

Afternoon left cc early to meet aunt at Parkway Parade(who came down from Dover) to recontract my mobile plan and at the same time change it to under my name. And also to recontract my bro's mobile plan. End up realised my bro's n my plans both haven expire(thought it was 18mths den can change le, but they say 24mths!) then cannot get new phone at cheaper price, need pay $100 more. The other thing was i can't change my plan to under my name cos haven 21yrs old so i can only have 1 line under my name which i already used for my bro's plan! So paiseh to my aunt who came down all the way la...


qUotE oF tHE daY: More birds, more luck? -.-! -jon

Friday, July 17, 2009

New dizi student.

Yay i've a new dizi student and we had our 1st lesson today.. :D We arranged to meet at the bus stop and the funny thing was.. My student was behind me and din call me until i turned back and noticed her there.. After that she said i looked like secondary school age thats why thought i wasn't the person! -.-

With good music background as a piano teacher herself and studying music as a minor, she managed to pick up on playing dizi quite fast within just a lesson-- able to play almost the whole range of notes(only with abit more difficulties on higher notes), hitting minimum 4 seconds of long notes, memorised most of the notes for the basic fingering. Only minus points are the tone and tuning of the notes played due to lip and air control. Can't wait for next lessons to come!

QuoTe Of THe dAY: The thing that spurs me on teaching is the improvement my students make every lesson. Watching them learn and improve over time gives me a sense of achievement. -jon